Who is dating jessica stroup

Stroup played the role of a national guard named Amber whom fights for survival with her peers against a group of mutant people.The film was a fast-forward sequel to The Hills Have Eyes a remake of the 1977 movie of the same name.

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That same year Jessica had a supporting role in This Christmas.

She appeared in a number of small independent movie productions, such as "Left in Darkness", "Pray for Morning", "Vampire Bats", and "Southern Discomfort".

In March 2007, Stroup starred as the female lead in The Hills Have Eyes 2.

In December 2007, announced that Stroup was cast in another horror film titled Homecoming, which follows a young woman being kidnapped by her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend.

Despite the film completing production in February 2008, it was not released until July 2009 for a limited release in selected cinemas.

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