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The pair of sterling defensive plays turned in by Javy Baez of the Cubs last night brought back fond memories of all the great plays the shortstop position has provided through the years.

And while no one is suggesting either of his stabs are anything transcendent, they do conjure up ghosts of Rey Ordonez, one of the flashiest to ever don a glove, and other greats like Omar Vizquel and Ozzie Smith.

One forgets how good these guys were before going down a rabbit hole of their finest plays. It’s a fun thought experiment to imagine what the real-time reaction would be to the play today.

The logical end place of this deep dive — and high-water mark of infield defense — is Smith’s insane barehanded snag made on April 20, 1978 while a member of the San Diego Padres. There’s a small chance baseball could get into the A-block of a sports highlight show.

Over the years, he lost mobility but became an expert at positioning himself and improving his throwing mechanics to get rid of the ball more quickly.

His trademark pregame backflip thrilled Cardinals supporters and won him legions of young fans nationwide.

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When Ozzie "The Wizard" Smith was elected to baseball's Hall of Fame, it wasn't because of his 2,460 career hits, his 580 stolen bases, or his 1,257 runs -- even though those skills helped make him one of the best all-around shortstops ever. It brought him to the major leagues after just 69 games in the minors, kept him there until age 41, and earned him 13 consecutive Gold Gloves at short and 15 All-Star appearances.When the ball took a wicked hop, Ozzie speared it barehanded -- while still in midair -- and got up in time to throw Burroughs out.He went on to finish second in Rookie of the Year voting.Osborne Earl “Ozzie” Smith was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2002.The PSA Card Facts Condition Census lists the ten finest PSA-graded examples of a particular card.Ozzie helped guide the Cardinals to three NL pennants during the 1980s, capturing the 1982 World Series in his first season with the Redbirds.Quite possible the greatest shortstop in the history of the game defensively, Ozzie hit one of the most memorable home runs in baseball history in Game 5 of the NLCS in the ninth-inning to beat the Dodgers.In his first year with the San Diego Padres, Smith (born 1954) made what is considered one of the best individual plays ever by an infielder.On April 20, 1978, he dove for a ball hit up the middle by Atlanta's Jeff Burroughs.He rarely struck out and could drive the ball well enough to leg out doubles and triples.While Smith didn't generally rate high in Most Valuable Player voting, he finished a strong second to Andre Dawson in 1987.

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