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Average Clickthrough Rate A clickthrough rate (CTR) measures how often people who see your ad end up actually clicking it, and can be used to gauge the quality of your keywords and imagery.Across the board, the average CTR in Ad Words is 1.91% for search and 0.35% for display.However, if ignored or mistreated, BV increases the risk of sexually transmitted infections, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, trichomoniasis and HIV.Many women don't understand the risk of these serious health concerns if BV is left untreated.In fact, according to the national survey, 76 percent of women with BV state they would have gone to see a healthcare professional sooner if they were aware of the risks associated with BV if left untreated.Additionally, not only did 62 percent of women mistake BV for a yeast infection prior to diagnosis, but 20 percent still believe that BV is a yeast infection.

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Target CPA bidding uses historical information about your campaigns, and finds an optimal CPC bid for your ad each time it shows up.Average Conversion Rate (CVR)Your CVR tracks how many conversions your ad campaigns are generating over time.High traffic is useless if those clicks don’t translate to conversions.Bacterial vaginosis is the most prevalent gynecologic infection, affecting 21 million women in the U. The condition can greatly impact women's emotional health as well, causing feelings of anxiety and embarrassment that can influence health, sex lives, dating and personal relationships. Common signs and symptoms associated with BV include unusual vaginal discharge that may be white or gray, watery, and may also have a strong fish-like odor.It can be difficult to tell common gynecologic infections from one another because the symptoms can be similar.The average conversion rate in Ad Words is 2.70% for search and 0.89% for display.The Home Goods and Real Estate industries take the lead on the Display network, since they’re both visual-centric industries: Industry Google Display Network Search Key takeaway: It may sound counterintuitive, but leveraging negative keywords is an effective way to refine your traffic.Industry Google Display Network Search Key takeaway: Your CPA is determined by your Quality Score, Google’s rating of the quality and relevance of your keywords and ads.The higher your quality score, the lower your costs will be.The total impact of BV goes beyond the physical symptoms.BV can greatly impact women's emotional health as well, influencing healthy sex lives, dating and personal relationships.

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